Friday, May 23, 2008

more Cameroon questions

The Asylum Officer asked: "you were arrested three times? when was the first time? what were you doing at the moment of your arrest? were you standing in the road, holding a large sign? were you sitting inside a room, inside the school, during a meeting? what happened? did the soldier say anything? what language did he speak? did he touch you? did you grab your shoulder with both of his hands? or did he just point his rifle at you, and tell you to get into truck? why did he arrest you? how do you know?

where did he take you? inside the prison, did anyone talk to you? in what languages? what did guard #1 say? did he have any weapons? did he touch you? how? where? he hit you on your head, with his baton? did you see any blood? where did you see blood? on your hands? sleeves? shirt? pants? on the ground? what happened to you, personally? how were you injured? do not worry about others; tell me about yourself. did anything else happen? did you suffer any more physcial injuries? did you hear any threats? did you suffer emotional distress? what thoughts went through your mind, when the guard said he would kill you? did you believe him? why?

what questions did they ask you, inside the prison? did they want to know who planned the demonstration? did they ask when the next demonstration would be?

how were you released? how did your father know that you were inside the prison? where did you go after being released from prison? did you go to the hospital? why not? because you were not injured that much? because you had no money for a hospital?

do you have any scars? do you have any photos of scars? I see a scar on your right forearm. where did that scar come from? do you have any scars not caused by the bad guys?

you say you were arrested in 1999 and in 2001? but you told Dr. Smith you were arrested in 2002? did you read the letter that Dr. Smith wrote? why are you inconsistent? it is your own story, and you cannot even tell it twice in a row in the same way?

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