Friday, May 16, 2008

more questions to DRC activist

The government lawyer asked: when was your last contact with your husband? last contact with your son? you say the warrant was faxed to you? where is the original? why wasn't it mailed to us?

You left your country in July 2005? you went to another country? why not stay there? what was your status there? why not seek asylum there? in the last 10 years, has that country granted asylum to even one person from your country?

before you left your country, you were planning to come to the USA? you were planning to live where? with whom? what was your intent? what was your knowledge of asylum laws in USA? upon arrival, did anyone tell you that you could apply for asylum? how long was your airplane ride from Paris France to Dulles airport? when you got off of the airplane, how did you feel? tired? did you stand in a long line?

Questions asked of the witness: born where? your status in USA? the last time you were in the old country was when? you first met the applicant when? what did she tell you about her problems?

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