Friday, May 9, 2008

AO asked an activist from Burma

What is your full name? Did you ever used any other names? What is your telephone number? Why do you have a FL area code while you live in NY? How long have you lived in NY? You have been here for 6 yrs and you still have FL code? Maybe you dont really live in NY? For the last 6 yrs you lived in NY, doesnt it bother you to have a FL area code? So when you make calls in NY, its like you are making long distance calls? What is your current address? Who do you live with? What is your friend's name? What is your friend's status? Your date of birth? What is your ethnic group? What is your religion? What type of Buddhism is your religion? When did you last arrive in the US? Arrived as a crew? Marital status? Any children? Where did you live in Burma before you came to the US? What was the last school you attended in Burma? Studied what? Where? For how long? Are you working now? Where? What kind of work? Mother's name? Father's name? How many brothers and sisters? All living in Burma? All born in Mon State? Why did you leave Burma in 2001? How did you get your passport? Any harm or threat before you left Burma? Have you ever been a member of any organization? Is anyone in your family ever harmed or threatened by anyone? What did your father do? What kind of merchant? Your brothers and sisters, what kind of work? Your mother? When did you arrive in Miami? Why you decided not to return to Burma? Why did you decide to apply for asylum? Why would the government of Burma care that you protested? Why do you think the government will arrest you? When did you start protesting? Why? Over the years you were here, many reports about political protesters were arrested and in jail, many human rights violations and you did not get upset, why in 2007, you got upset all of a sudden? Why did this upset you than other times? Why did it upset you about monks but not students or other pro-democractic activist? Why not about Aung San Suu Kyi? So what did you do in response to that? You have a computer at home? What program did you use to download vidoe files? What was your plan with the video cd? What were your intentions to do with it? Dont you think your family know that? When did you make the vcd? How did you send vcd to Burma? Did you put your name and address on it? What note? How is your nephew going to make vidoe copies? Military Intelligence in Burma is very strict, how was your cousin going to make copies? How did he get cd copied? you sent 100 empty cds there? How did you get it through custom? How could you have gotten 100 empty cd throughj Burma without problems? Why would you put your nephew in trouble? Did you ever go to any organization here in the US and asked them to help you? Thats not my question. Why put your nephew in trouble? sent him cds and told him to make copies and distributed them to friends, why would you risk your nephew's life? Why would you do that to a family member? Why did you go to a Burmese organization here in the US for help? If you were that interested in anti-government demonstration, why not contact an organization here in the US, insted of putting a family member in trouble? Was your nephew ever politcally active in Burma? So he has been active? How did you find out about the demonstrations you participated in here? Who sponsored these demonstrations? Are you worried about government spies when you demonstrated? If you didnt know who are government spies, why went there? You said earlier you worried about government spies, why went and protested there now? If you didnt care about spies or your life, why did you go and ask help from Burmese organizations here in the US instead of putting your nephew's life in trouble? You just said you didnt care if they arrested or kill you? You took pictures of your protest? Who took your pictures? Why allow friends to take your pictures when these could be used against you? What is the purpose of taking pictures? How do you know government employee took your picture? Earlier you said you worried about getting arrestedm you worried about government know what you are doing, you worried about govenrment spies and yet you kept going back to protest? Contradicting yourself here? On one hand you said you were worried about your government, yet you keep going there? Explain why? You have a copy of the cd youmade? you labeled birthday photos on the cd? How many cds did you mail to Burma? What happened after you sent the cd to Burma? When did this happen? Where is nephew today? In your statement you said Insein prison? How did you know that? When did sister write letter? What did she write? How did you know nephew have equipment to do vcd? Anyone know how MI found out? When did MI go to sister's house? When was the next visit? U said it was a week after nephew was arrested? What happened then? What did sister say to MI? When did you find out about this? If all these happened in January, why didnt sister mention it in her first letter? Sister's letter in February mentioned nephew's arrest, why didnt sister mention it in her first letter in January? Why just mentioned it later in second letter in Feb? Did you call sister after you received her letter? How did she mail letter to you if she was so watched by MI? Any other letters or calls from Burma after March? What's in letter April 16th? Anything else? You mentioned earlier he was in Insein prison on page 5 of I-589, now you are saying, you dont know where he is at? The cd has photos not video? Anything else?

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