Thursday, November 11, 2010

applicant from Angola

The asylum officer asked:
-why were you so slow in applying for asylum?
-tell me the circumstances of your beating: where were you, exactly, at the time of the arrest?
-why can't you return to your country?
Tell me about each member of your famiy: where are they; what are they doing; you say your government hates you; why doesn't government hate each member of your family?
what does UNITA stand for?
What is your ethnic group, or your tribe? do members of your tribe suffer economic harm?
Your brother was assaulted; did you report it to the police? why not?
what did brother tell you about his arrest?
Your mother was arrested? why? did she suffer emotional harm?
What did mother tell you about her arrest?
where were you, at the time of your arrest?
what did the soldiers say to you?
you went to a private school? how did you pay the tuition?
You say your father was recently attacked by the government? how do you know it was the government? you say your father was not robbed? so, therefore, what motive might the bad guys have had?
-is there anything else? what?
Is there anything else?

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