Thursday, November 11, 2010

forced marriage in Cameroon #4

The Asylum Officer asked:
-what is your name, according to your passport? according to your visa?
where do you live in the USA? who else lives there?
What was your job in your country? where did you work? what did you sell?
Why can't you return to your country?
Why do you fear your government?
Your husband is a member of the CDPM? what do those initials stand for?
Is polygamy legal in Cameroon?
What is the difference between "police" and "gendarmes"?
where were you, at the exact moment of your arrest? where was your husband?
what did the officers say?
who else was there, at the time? your friend John? how come John did not write a letter of support for you?
What else did they say?
Tell me the exact words they said!
Where did they take you?
what did they say at the police station?
what else did they say?
Why were you released? what was the conversation at the time of your release?
what did you tell the US Embassy, to get your visa?
did you tell lies to get your visa? why? you say you had no choice?
Did you show your passport to the official at the airport? how come he did not arrest you?
did your mother suffer any economic harm, recently?
did she suffer any emotional harm, recently?
Did the police make any threats to her? what exactly did the police say?
What else did they say?
is there anything else? I see; OK, is there anything else?

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