Thursday, November 4, 2010

november 2010 activist from Cameroon #3

Still more questions:

-did any member of your family suffer emotional harm?
economic harm? social harm?
-Did any of your friends have problems?
In the last six months, has your wife had any problems?
How long were you at the clinic?
what did they do for you?
-clean your wounds, put on salve, put on bandages, give you medicine?
-did they give you a prescription? what advice did the doctor give you?
-did the doctor test your blood, your urine, blood pressure, X-ray?
You left your country two years ago? they have forgotten about you?
Why would they target you, today? are you important?
Why would you be arrested/
In the last six months, have other journalists been arrested?
your wife sent you a letter? where is the envelope? how did you get this letter?
Is there anything else?
In the last two months, how did you sleep at night?
Today, does your wife have a job? your father? does the government bother them?
If you return to your country, what would happen?
Assuming you return, and that you are not arrested at the airport, what would you do? Continue with political activities, or not?

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