Friday, June 16, 2017

questions asked of almost every applicant

Questions asked of an activist 6/16/17 by Asylum Officer

Show me your passport!
Who helped you prepare I-589? How did you meet your attorney?
Who referred you to him? You met with him how many times?
Was  your application read back to  you in your language?
How did you write your statement? Did  you write it, or someone else?
Is it the story of someone else, or is it really your statement?
Who helped you write it?
How many times have you applied for a tourist/student visa?
What is your history with the Dept of State?
How did you apply for it?  Fill out a form, in pen, hand-deliver paper to the Embassy?
Or, did someone sit at a computer, and type stuff with fingers, and apply on line?
Where was the computer? In living room of your son? At a public internet café?
Did anyone tell you what to say in the DS-160? Did you understand the questions?
Did  you do a FOIA request to DOS to get a copy? NO? but I have it, and you don’t?
Did you review the info you gave the embassy? How was the info delivered to the embassy
Did a “visa preparer” help you?
Did you review the info before you submitted it? Did you notice I asked the same question twice? Why is that, do you suppose?
Tell me the birthdates of your wife, child #1, child #2, and Child #3
When did you last leave your country?
What was your last address?
Where have  your worked for the past 60 months? How did you answer this same question when requesting your visa?
Does “mistake” = “lie”?
You were too tired or busy or lazy to answer the questions on -589: so now you are giving different and more complete answers?
Why did you depart from your country?
Why do you want asylum?
Tell me all of your international travel, for the past 35 years!
What is your religion? What is your political opinion?
How did you express your opinion? How did you show your religion?
Did  you suffer any physical harm? Emotional harm? Why?
How did the bad guys know about you?
June 2016: what words did the bad guy say? What did you see with your eyes?
September 2016: what words did officer #1 say? What did you see with your own eyes?

[you may think the question is obvious or silly, but we need your answer for the record!]

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