Wednesday, January 23, 2008

questions asked of activist from Burma

1. are you fully aware of the contents of your I-589 application? you last left your country when? you arrived in USA when?
2. why are you applying for asylum?
3. how many demonstrations did you attend in USA? when was the last one?
4. how long was the last demonstration? what views did you express? did anyone notice?
5. how do you know the Embassy took your photo? how did you see the camera? where was the camera? what kind of camera? how did the man hold it?
6. how often did you see the camera? did it move? how many cameras?
7. who told you they hired students to stand outside to take photos?
8. how did you find out that soldiers talked to mother?
9. how do you know they listen to phone calls?
10. are you a member of any organization? what group attended the protest?
11. what were your political activities in Burma? were you a member of any organization? what were its goals? what were your activities in that organization?
12. did you visit the NLD office? where was it? what was surrounding the office?
13. did you bring water or coffee to protestors?
14. did you distribute literature, and pamphlets? did you ask people to donate money? did you sell things to make money for the organization? did you ask people to attend events/demonstrations/protests/meetings?
15. Tell me the details of your first arrest: where were you, at the moment of your arrest? did the soldier touch you? grab your shoulder? or just point a gun at you, without any touching?
16. what did the soldier say? what happened as you arrived at the detention center? what happened after you entered it? did you suffer physical harm? emotional harm? economic harm?
17. where did you distribute pamphlets?
18. why were you arrested? why were you hit?
19. how long were you detained? what happened on day #1? day #2?
20. did they interrogate you? what did they ask you? any threats? what thoughts went through your mind, at that time?
21. what food did they give you? you slept onwhat? the floor? a mat?
22. how many people interrogated you? did they have weapons? what weapons, and what words?
23. Was there any other physcial harm? Tell me details! Using what weapon, he hit you where?
Using club, he hit you on your right shoulder? using rifle butt, he hit me on back and on left leg?
24. what happened on the day of your release? why were you released? what was the conversation?
25. did you engage in any more political activities in your country, after your release?
26. what would happen if you return to your country? why would your government target you? why do they still care about you, after all these years?
27. what made me participate in the demonstrations?
28. isn't there a safe place, inside Burma, where you could re-locate to?
29. you had problems in the city of Rangoon; OK, so live in a city 300 miles away? why not?
30. is there anything else? OK, thanks. is there anything else?

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