Wednesday, January 2, 2008

questions asked of pro-democracy activist: Burma

The Asylum Officer wanted to know the following from Ms. B, a pro-democracy activist from Burma: 1] are you fully aware of the contents of your application? you last left your country when? you arrived in USA when? your current address/phone number?
2] you arrived in USA in June 2001; why are you applying for asylum only now, in 2007, which is six years later? why didn't you apply much sooner? 3] why are you seeking asylum? you fear whom? your government? or someone else? why do you fear your government? 4] how many demonstrations did you attend in usa in the year 2007? when was the last demonstration? how do you know that agents inside the Burmese Embassy took your photo? what did you see? where did you see the camera? where is the Embassy? how often did you see the camera? how many cameras? who told you that the Embassy hired students to take photos? who told you that workers inside the Embassy took photos? 5] how did you find out that soldiers talked to your mother? how do you know they listen to phone calls? are you a member of any organization? what are the goals and objectives? do you give money to it? did you ask people to give money to it? did you distribute pamphlets? 6] what were your political activities in Burma? were you a member of an organization? what were its goals? what were the political activities of each member of your family? your father/mother/sister #1? sister #2? Tell me the names of the leaders of the NLD! besides distributing pamphlets, what else did you do? 7] when were you first arrested? tell me the details of how you were arrested? where were you, at the moment of your arrest? what were you doing at that time? did the soldier touch you? how? did he put two hands on your shoulders? did he push you with his rifle? what did he say? what languages did he speak? why did he arrest you? how do you know his reason? 8] what happened as you arrived at the detention center? you were detained how long? were you interrogated? what did they ask you? what happened on day #1? did they make any threats? what thoughts went through your mind as he said he would kill you? did you believe him? why? inside, they gave you what food? who else was in the cell? tell me about the physical harm you suffered! anything else? yes, what? did you suffer any emotional harm? 9] what would happen, if you returned to your counry? why would you be arrested? why would the government target you? what made you participate in the demonstrations? is there any safe village or area in your country where you could go to? is there anything else?

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