Wednesday, January 23, 2008

questions asked of man from Eritrea/Ethiopia

1. what does your passport say? what does each stamp mean? how did you get your passport? did you or someone else pay bribes, or "under the table" money? how much?

2. when did you last leave your country? are there errors on your I-589? you were too busy to double check it, before mailing it?

3. why did you apply for asylum? who do you fear? why do you fear your government? why does the government care about you? now it is two years later; the government has forgotten about you, hasn't it?

4. if an Eritrean walks down the street in silence, how do you know he is an Eritrean? does his face look in a certain way?

5. if an Ethiopian walks down the street, how do you know he is Ethiopian? how is he different from an Eritrean?

6. if each one speaks, does one have a special accent?

7. does his last name give you information? if his last name is X, what does that mean to you?

8. what are your political activities here in USA? did you join any organizations? do you pay dues? do you have a membership card? when was their last meeting? when is the next meeting? what does the organization do? how often do you participate?

9. why did you decide to protest in Washington DC? any other activities?

if you return to your country, what would happen?

10. before you lived in the city of Sahel, and you had problems. So, go live in a different city, in a different part of the country- why not?

10. anything else?

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