Tuesday, January 22, 2008

questions asked of activist from the DRC

is this your passport? where is the old passport? what does each stamp in it mean? where are the envelopes for the letters you received? when did you last leave your country?
1. why are you seeking asylum today?
2. why are you afraid to return to your country?
3. why were you tortured?
4. how did you oppose the government?
5. did you support a political party? the UDPS? how did you support it? when did you join? what were your activities as a member? you asked other people to give money to it? you asked people to attend meetings? you distributed pamphlets and literature to people? what did the literature say?
6. how many meetings did you attend? where were the meetings? how many people attended them?
7. when was the first "manifestation?" quelle mois? quelle annee? quelle ville?
8. pourquoi les soldats arrive? combien soldats? what did they do, when they arrived?
9. how long were you detained? were you questioned? how were you released? was that the only time you had a problem?
10. were you arrested? how were you arrested? the officer grabbed you by your right arm? where were you taken? stay there how long? what happened during those two days? did you suffer physical harm? did you suffer emotional harm? as the guard was about to rape you, what thoughts went through your mind?
11. what weapons did guard #1 have? how big was the club? how long, how thick? did you hit you with the butt of his rifle? where on your body did he hit you?
12. how long were you held? did anyone visit you inside? how were you released?
13. any other problems with the government? why were they looking for you? how did you get to the hospital? what did they do for you at the hospital?
14. pourquoi les soldats arrive dans la maison?
15. how did you leave your country? how did you get out of your country? how did you come to the USA? how did you pay for the airplane tickets? upon arrival in USA, where did you stay?
16. anything else? why did les soldats look for you at work? you lived in Goma? so why don't you go live in Kinshasa? or in Lumbumbashi? isn't there somewhere that is safe for you?

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