Tuesday, January 22, 2008

questions asked of witnesses for Burmese activist

The government lawyer and the Judge wanted to know these things from Witness #1:
1. what is your own immigration status? when was the last time you were in Burma?
2. when did you meet the applicant for the first time? what month/year/city?
3. what did applicant tell you about his problems in burma? did you believe him? why?
4. did you actually see him protest in Washington DC, with your own eyes? or did someone just tell you that applicant protested?

From Witness #2: what is your present immigration status? what was your status in Japan?
2] what happened to applicant in Burma? was he arrested? when? why?
3] who says it is dangerous to protest in Washington DC? do you know anyone who protested, and then who returned to Burma? what happened to them at the Rangoon airport?

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