Wednesday, February 6, 2008

do Christians suffer in Indonesia?

The Judge ruled that Christians still have problems in Indonesia, as indicated by:
1. DOS says 8 churches were closed last year; and churches closed in previous years are still closed;
2. There have been almost no prosecutions of the bad guys: people who earlier bombed churches were not arrested and were not convicted;
3. Three Christian school girls were beheaded; some bad guys were arrested, but are still not convicted; whereas, three Christians who did crimes were not only arrested, and convicted; they were executed!
4. The JI network is active
5. the Bali bombers were released
6. In September 2007, a church near Jakarta was attacked; pastor was wounded.
The Government of Indonesia cannot control these groups of bad guys.
However, isn't there somewhere safe where a Christian can live? Isn't "internal relocation" possible? You had problems in City #1. OK, too bad. So why don't you go live in City #2?

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