Monday, February 11, 2008

pro-American from Iraq

The Asylum Officer wanted to know:
1] what is your current job at the Embassy? you are in charge of what? what is a "dedication"?
2] you were in Army? so, you received training in weapons? you were given a rifle? you fired it in target practice? you fired it in the war against Iran? where were you stationed? who did you shoot at?
3] what is a "curfew mission"? what does "curfew enforcement" mean?
4] why don't you answer my simple questions with simple answers? you are sure that my "simple" question is really a complicated, indirect, tricky question? why are you so sure, and [so wrong]?
5] what was your job in 1991? did you sit at a desk? talk on the phone? send emails? or, did you stand outside and help a balloon go up 500 feet? did you use a computer? did you write essays/summaries/ do research? about what?
6] where do the Shia militias get money from? they steal oil, and sell it?
7] who owns the house at #234? is there a "deed"? is there a piece of paper that says you own it? is the original of that paper in a government office? can anyone find out who the current owner of #234 is? or, is it confused? is there a mortgage on the house? does someone make house payments? does someone pay utility bills? water goes to the house, and no one pays for the water? must the owner pay real estate taxes on the house? are there annual real estate taxes? or, just pay taxes upon sale?
8] does the government of Iraq take "income tax" out of your paycheck?
9] whatever your problems were, why not report them to the police? who says it is a waste of time to report to the police? why wouldn't the police want to help? what is the salary of a police officer? if the salary is low, how does he get extra money? how often is he paid? does he actually get paid every two weeks?
10] are you a low-level person? you are not famous, correct? you are not well-known, correct? so, why would the bad guys care about you?
11] what have you done here in the USA to make the bad guys hate you more? nothing? so, the bad guys have forgotten about you, haven't they?

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