Thursday, February 21, 2008

why did you leave the Moslem religion?

Questions asked of an apostate from Oman:
1. show me your passport! what was your last address in your country?
2. what was your job in your country? what did you do all day?
3. to get your tourist visa, what was the conversation at the US Embassy? what did they ask you, and how did you answer? you filled out a form? the Embassy mailed me that form two weeks ago?
4. why did you want to come to USA? what was your plan upon arrival? when did you change your plan? did you buy round-trip airplane tickets?
5. when did you begin to study Christianity? what did people in your country think and feel when they found out your brother was a Christian? how was that accepted? what did your father think? how did you feel yourself, about your brother?
6. did you attend a mosque here in USA? when did you stop attending?
7. when did you first attend a church in usa? when did you start to explore Christianity?
8. when did you decide to become a christian? are you baptized? why not?
9. why did you convert from Islam to Christianity? what does it mean to you, to be a Christian?
10. what is the difference between Islam and christianity? why is one better than the other?
11. what do you fear, if you return to your country? who do you fear? you fear what, exactly?
12. who would kill you? how do you know that?
13. is there anything else? yes, OK, what?
14. is there anything else?

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