Tuesday, February 12, 2008

good sources of information, according to U.S. gov't

In January 2008, the Office of Chief Counsel submitted these documents, so that an asylum applicant from Togo would lose:
1. inf9rmation from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada: "country of origin research" "response to information request about the UFC party"
2. the application for a tourist visa, submitted years ago in Togo: it contained questions and answers. Does applicant remember the questions, and what answers were given when she asked for a tourist visa? Are her answers today, years later, the same?
3. information from "IRIN" which is a newspaper of the United Nations: www.irinnews.org
4. a cable from the US Embassy in Togo: a] students seeking F-1 visa often present fake documents from banks, and present fake high school diplomas. Sometimes the banks in Togo give information to the US Embassy upon request. b] many marriage certificates are fake: the filing number of the certificate does not exist; or it pertains to a different certificate c] sometimes, a medical certificate is issued by a clinic which does not exist! Sometimes, banks and Togo government offices cooperate and give information; sometimes they do not.

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