Tuesday, February 12, 2008

get photographs and letters to document your case!

The Judge denied asylum to Mr. Lin, from China.
Lin claimed government officials came to his store and accused him of promoting Falun Gong, and then forced him to close his store. Asylum was denied because:
1. Lin wrote certain dates on his I-589 ["they came to my store in June"] but in court he gave different dates ["they came to my store in December"] The Judge asked him, "you were too busy to read your I-589 before coming to court?"
2. Lin did not prove he ever owned a store, that it was ever open, that he had a business license; that the store was closed; that his license was revoked. Why not give the Judge a photo of the store when it was open, and another photo when it was closed? a Photograph is worth 1,000 words!
3. Not one member of his family wrote a letter which said,"Yes, Lin had a store in the year 2003: I walked inside it myself! Then, in 2004, it was closed. Lin told me he was depressed and worried about supporting his wife and child."

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