Thursday, February 21, 2008

what does your passport say? why did you suffer?

Questions asked of a pro-democracy activist from Burma:
1. show me your passport! when did you enter the USA the first time? when were you last in your country?
2. why can't you be a monk? why did you quit your job?
3. what is date of birth of your wife? where is wife today? why isn't she here, in USA?
4. was it difficult for you to get a new passport? you had to pay a bribe of how much?
5. what was your job in 2001? in 2002? what did you do all day, at your job?
6. where does each brother, and each sister, live today?
7. did you go inside the US Embassy in Rangoon? go alone, or with someone else?
8. what questions did they ask you; and how did you answer? what was your plan, at that time?
9. did your wife ever try to get a visa? didn't she go inside the Embassy and answer questions in writing? do I know more about your wife's activities than you do? did the Embassy send me papers signed by your wife?
10. did you ever join a political party in Burma? why not?
11. did you engage in any political activities in burma? did you ever march? ever attend meetings? rallies? distribute pamphlets? ask people for money? ask people to attend a march or rally?
12. did you suffer physical harm? were you detained? for how long? did anyone hit you? with what weapons? a] belt b] stick c] open hand; any other weapon? did you bleed? did you see any of your own blood? where did you see it? on your hand? on your shirt? on the floor?
13. why did they arrest you? where were you, at the moment of your arrest?
14. why were you released?
15. why were there uprisings in burma?
16. why did you come to USA? why not bring wife with you? was it a difficult decision for you, to come to the USA?
17. when was your first protest here in USA? why did you protest? what views did you express? did anyone notice? how do you know they took your photo?
18. did you need an exit visa to leave your country? was that easy to get?
19. why did you apply for asylum? when did you decide to apply for asylum? why not apply earlier?
20. how can you prove the Military Intelligence knows about your activities?
21. why was wife arrested? why was she released?
22. is there anything else?

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