Tuesday, April 8, 2008

anti-FGM lady from Kenya

The Asylum Officer asked: 1] is page 1 of the I-589 consistent with page 4? why not? on page 1, you say you entered USA in2/06; but on page 4 you say nothing about this? 2] on page 4, you say you work in new york, but you live in baltimore? what does that mean? if a stranger picks up your I-589, and just looks at it, is it consistent with itself?

3] why are you seeking asylum? you fear being attacked?
4] what is special about you, that makes the bad guys want to attack you?
5] you say you are very public in your anti-FGM statements? how do you know the bad guys heard your comments? how did they find out about you and your opinions?
6] some people like your opinions; and some do not? how do you know? did you give me a letter of corroboration about this?
7] when did you last leave your country?
8] did you receive any threats inside the USA? how were the threats made? orally? in writing?
9] older ladies in your village tell the young ladies: "If no FGM, no success. No husband; no friends; no job. You will be isolated and ostracized. If no FGM, you will have a "stigma."
10] why do you think that FGm with the same, dirty knife helps to spread AIDS?
11] any other political activity in your country? did you join any groups? do you have any membership cards? what was the Platform of your party? did your party write a Manifesto?
12] in hours, how much time did you spend campaigning and helping this group?
13] did you face any harm in the year 2002?
14] if you return to your country, what do you fear? who do you fear?
15] you say your brother was threatened? please tell me month/year/city; who were the bad guys; what was their motive? how did they know anything about your brother?
16] if the bad guy wore a mask, how do you know who he was? if he spoke, did he have an accent?
17] today, where is each member of your family? mother/father/brother #1/brother #2/ sister?
18] how did you get in touch with your mother? phone? at an internet cafe?
19] did you watch CNN videos on your computer?
20] you had problems in your country for a long time? why not leave faster? did you have enough money to leave faster? were you able to get a visa to leave?
21] you were in USA for a long time, and then finally you applied for asylum? why the big long delay? was there a big change in circumstances?
22] here in USA, did you join any political parties? engage in any political activities? you say you hold deep, important beliefs? they are so important to you and to others that you might be killed? so therefore, why didn't you join any activities here in USA? if you do nothing in USA, that makes me think you did nothing in your country.
23] is there anything else? YES? what?
24] ever been offered "firm resettlement?" ever receive any weapons training? did you ever help or give support to a group that uses violence?

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