Thursday, April 10, 2008

anti-FGM activist from Kenya #2

The Asylum Officer asked these questions of a pro-Kibaki, Meru, anti-FGM lady from Kenya:
1] why are you unwilling to return to your country?
2] what is your tribe? where do they live?
3] did you yourself suffer FGM? who decided this should happen? was there a ceremony? who was present? done secretly or not? a big event or a small event? what did the community do?
4] what is the purpose of FGM? what percent of females in your tribe do it? what is your opinion about it? what is the opinion of your husband?
5] how many days of menstrual blood flow did you usually have before FGM; how many days after FGM? delivery and labor is longer by how much? does urine spray around? pain upon urination? pain during sex? back pain during periods?
6] if the elders said, "your daughter must have FGM!" what would you do? would you resist with physical force? you would push and grab? the elders would then punch you? you yourself would suffer physical harm?
7] can you ask for police protection? why not? what do the police think about FGM? isn't there another place/village in your country where you can live?
8] do you have any other reasons for not wanting to return to your country?
9] what is your political opinion?
10] why was your house burned? when was it burned? what was the motive of the bad guys? how do you know they burned it because of your political opinion? how did they know what your opinion was?
11] you are a member of the Meru tribe. If you return to your country, what would happen to you because you are a Meru? wouldn't the government protect you?
12] what is the tribe of your husband? his political opinion? his opinion about FGM? what is his immigration status?

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