Thursday, April 24, 2008

why the lady from Cameroon was denied asylum

The Judge in Baltimore wanted to see: 1] the complete passport, not just some pages. The Judge asked: if one witness submits two letters, are the signatures the same? are numbers missing from the translations? where were you, at the moment of your arrest? what is the CDU? who is the head or the chief? why did you join it?

why are many details missing from your I-589? how much time did the person who prepared it, spend on it? why didn't he spend more time? did you tell lots of details to your friend? but he only wrote down some of them? why? was he a little lazy? or busy? or bored with your case? did you pay him enough money, so that he would give his full time and attention to your case?

what were your political activities in your country? did you march? hold signs? chant slogans? distribute pamphlets? sell items, to raise money? did you ask people for donations? did you ask for money? did you ask people to attend rallies, to attend meetings? did you discuss or debate strategy?

you say you were arrested and put into a truck? who else was arrested? who else was in the truck? who else was in jail cell #1? what was your experience in jail? what languages did the guards speak? what words did they say? what weapons did they use? one guard spoke Swahili, and he insulted your ethnic group? he held a large stick in his hand? what thoughts went through your mind as he looked at you, as he held the large stick?

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