Thursday, April 24, 2008

lady from Cameroon #2

The Judge asked: why did the guard beat you? how do you know he hates your ethnic group? what did the guard say? where did you sleep? on top of what? how much food and drink each day? how did you get out of prison? what happened on your last day? why were you released?

Applicant: as you testify in court, will the Judge be reading your I-589, to see if you can repeat it?

After prison, how was your health? if you went to the doctor, where is his report? if you did not go to a doctor, why not? because you were not hurt, or because you had no money?

how does the guard know your ethnic group? by looking at the features of your face? by listening to your accent as you speak a certain language? by your last name? was there any blood? where did the blood go? where did you see blood? why is that detail not written down in your I-589?

Let's look closely at your CDU card. Before I hold it in my hand, I already believe it is fake. [this is because a lot of people from your country are big liars] So, I will search the card to see if I can prove what I already believe: that the card is fake. when was it issued? where? does it have blank spaces? are the signatures from different pens? was it signed at different times? does it say, in typewritten words, "issued in 2004?" but, in handwriting, does someone write down that it was issued in 2002? I assume this card was printed by a stupid criminal, who does not really speak English, in a basement in Silver Spring.

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