Tuesday, April 8, 2008

democracy activist and lesbian from Burma

The Assistant Chief Counsel asked: after you left Burma, you lived in Singapore? what was your immigration status there? what does your I-589 say? what did you tell the Asylum officer? did the Asylum Officer write a two-page Assessment of your case?
1. when did you get your visa from the US Embassy? which came first: your visa, or your problems? because your visa came first, that tells me you were planning to come to the USA regardless, correct? your later "problems" are not real, are they?
2. you returned to your "dangerous" country? so, I guess it is not so dangerous?
3. why did you come to USA? did you tell lies to get your visa?
4. were you a member of any groups in Burma? why not? were you a member of any groups here in USA? why not? why did it take you so long to join a group here in USA?
5. you say you demonstrated? you demonstrated against what? who did you do at the protests? did you stand on sidewalk and hold a sign, and chant slogans? what did the sign say? what slogans did you chant?
6. if it is dangerous to protest, why did you protest? why are you so inspired and bold?
you say your government takes your photo? so, either they do not take your photo, or you are very, very brave?
7. who do you fear in your country? why? why would government want to hurt you?
8. is there an arrest warrant out for you?
9. if you return to Burma, why not just live in another city? live far away from the mean policeman?

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