Friday, April 11, 2008

democracy activist from Burma

The Asylum Officer asked: what does the yellow, "interpreter's oath" say? Give me a summary! how do you know the interpreter? meet her where and when? if you say seven sentences in Burmese, how many sentences will get translated into English? if you say three sentences in Burmese, how many will get translated into English?

who helped you prepare the I-589? did he read the application back to you in your language? do you understand the contents of your application?

when did you last leave your country? when enter USA? when did you apply for asylum? why didn't you apply sooner? why did you apply for asylum?
Did you suffer physical harm to your body in your country? to your house? office?
did you suffer emotional harm? did you suffer economic harm? did anyone threaten you? when? how? why?
If you return to your country tomorrow, what would happen to you? why?
What is your political opinion? did you ever express it? where, and how? why do you think your government knows about it? why do you think they care?
why did your government raid the monastery? is there any other reason why your government wants to harm you? how do you know your government took a photo of you? what did you see? did you see a man inside the embassy, holding a camera, and pointing it at you? why did he take your photo?
how would your government know if you protested in front of the United Nations?
why would your government want to harm you? can you repeat what you said in your Declaration? why not?
What did you do at the protest? did you stand? march? chant slogans? in what languages? what did you say? did you hold a sign? what did the sign say? why did you protest? is there any other reason?
OK, you had problems in the city of Yangon. So, why not go live in Mandalay? in Hakka? is there anywhere you could be safe in Burma?
have you ever been in the police or military? were you a soldier? did you ever receive weapons training? did you ever join a group which used violence? ever give money or something of value to such a group? isn't there some other country where you could live? is there anything else?
is there anything else?

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