Friday, April 25, 2008

lady from Cameroon #3

The Judge asked: why were you arrested? why were you beaten? how was your I-589 prepared? your friend spent a lot of time on it, or just a short amount of time? you had a lot of money to pay him, or just a little? did your friend have knowledge of asylum law? did he know what was important, and what was not? did he write down everything you told him?

why were you arrested? why were you beaten? why were you moved from one jail to another? why does the letter from your mother omit details?

why did you request a passport? was it easy to get, or hard to get? how much of a bribe did you pay? why did you request a visa? did you tell lies to the man at the US embassy? what did he ask you, and what did you answer? why didn't you flee from your country immediately? how much money did you need to flee? how much did you have? did you need a contact in the USA, first, before you came here? how long did it take for you to get a contact? while still in your country, did you hide? how come you were not arrested during the two months before you left?

did you ask even one person in the USA to call your country, to verify your story? why not? not even one person?

did you help your political party for even one hour per week, for three weeks, here in the USA?

did you get your passport yourself, or did an agent get it for you? how did your photo get attached, inside the passport? did you walk physically inside the US Embassy and get the visa stamped inside your passport, or did an agent do it for you?

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